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An automation is made of one or more actions. Snowflake ships with a number of pre-built actions to get you started. A common one is payment action.

Using payment actions, you can schedule transfer of tokens to anyone. Simply select the token, amount and recipient, like so.

In the above, we schedule transfers of 10 USDC to recipient Epm...zZQ on the first day of each month for 10 times.

How does Snowflake access the fund in order to make transfers in the future? Since the user will not be signing the transactions at every schedule, the user needs to authorise for Snowflake smart contract to perform transfers of USDC token in the future, hence, the checkbox:

[v] Approve for Snowflake program to perform future transfers of your USDC token

It is important to note that the authorisation is granted to Snowflake smart contract and not any one person. No team members at Snowflake or any node operators have access to this authorisation. Funding options and authorisation will be discussed further in another article.

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