Saber withdrawal action lets you withdraw liquidity from Saber pools and perform other actions after the withdrawals. This is one of the pieces in the lego set that let you put together a number of interesting automations.

Let's explore a sample use case.

As a user, I want to schedule payments of USDC to someone on a regular basis. However, rather than holding USDC in my wallet, I opted to have all my USDC in Saber to earn yields and only withdraw enough USDC from Saber to make payments at the scheduled times in the future.

To achieve the above, simply create a new time recurring automation with two actions, first withdraw USDC from Saber then transfer USDC to the recipient, like so.

As you can see, even a simple action, when combined with others, can create a number of very useful use cases. Every new action added exponentially increases the number of possibilities that can be automated via Snowflake.

We are going to add more and more actions over time with the aim to make Snowflake the central hub for users to compose all kinds of automations. If there is an action you'd like us to add, please do let Snowflake team know using the messenger below.

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