Orca Swap action lets you perform token swaps on Orca AMM pools. You might ask, why should I use Snowflake for this when I can just go directly to Orca UI ?

The answer is simple, because Snowflake is the only place where you can schedule your swaps. By combining a simple swap action with other actions, checkers and schedulers, we open up a whole new set of possibilities.

Let's explore a simple use case.

As a user, I want to do dollar cost average purchases of SOL every day using Orca AMM.

To achieve this, simply create a new time triggered automation with an Orca swap action, like so.

What make this powerful is the number of permutations that you can do. For example, combining a swap action with a price checker action will give you a limit order automation. We will also be adding support for swap action on other AMMs and CLOB. You might come up with some interesting arbitrage automations by combining multiple of swap actions with custom checkers and possibly flash loan actions which we are looking to add in the future.

We would love to see what you can compose with using Snowflake beyond the typical use cases above. If there is an important automation that you'd like to do but haven't yet been able to for any reasons, we'd love to hear from you. Please ping Snowflake team using the messenger below.

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