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It is our mission to bring low cost and decentralised automations to every builders and users of Web3. In the interest of Solana Ecosystem and Snowflake Foundation, we strive to keep fees as low as possible to foster innovations within the ecosystem.

The following fees have been designed with the goal of creating a sustainable and spam proof network that every builders and defi users can rely on for their most critical automation needs.

To this end, we encourage that you read this section thoroughly to understand all the fees involved.

Fees - Create New Automation

When you create a new automation, the following fees incur :

  • Solana standard transaction fee: 0.000005 SOL

  • Solana standard rent-exempt fee: 0.01341888 SOL
    Rent-exempt fee will be refunded when you delete the automation.

If you use Snowflake Composer for the first time, the app also deposits 0.01 SOL from your wallet to your Snowflake Fee Account when you save the first automation. This Fee Account balance is used to pay for node operators who execute future automations on your behalf. You can withdraw this balance any time when you no longer wish to use Snowflake. Please refer to the section below to learn more about fees related to transaction executions.

Fees - Execute Automation

After you've created an automation, Snowflake node operators monitor the condition you've set and execute the automation on your behalf. The question is who is paying the execution fee ?

Since node operators are the ones who initiate the executions of your automations, these node operators are responsible for signing and paying the transaction fees in SOL. However, at the end of each execution, and within the same transaction, Snowflake program charges the same SOL amount from your Snowflake Fee Account balance and reimburses this amount back to Snowflake node operators. Snowflake node operators charge 0.0005 SOL in addition to the standard transaction fee required by Solana validators for each execution.

That is, you only pay for the Solana standard transaction fee of 0.000005 SOL (at the time of this writing) and an additional of 0.0004 SOL (~ USD 4c) as an incentive for Snowflake Node Operators to execute your automation.

That leads to the next question, how do you fund your fee balance account ?

Funding Your Fee Account

In order to have your automations executed, you need to maintain some SOL in your Snowflake fee balance account. It is recommended that you deposit at least 0.05 SOL to your fee balance account to get started. Since execution fees are insignificant, 0.05 SOL can cover you for a long period without running out of balance.

To add SOL to your fee balance, simply go to Settings and click on the Deposit button, like so.

Program Condition Automation Monitoring Fees

For advanced use cases that require program condition triggered, Snowflake node operators spend a significant amount of resource to continuously monitor the conditions specified in your automations. Because of this, there is a monitoring fee applied to all program condition triggered automations. This is needed to create a sustainable and a spam proof network.

Each program condition triggered automation attracts a fee of 0.015 SOL per month (0.0005 per day) for as long as the program condition triggered automation remains active.

Such monitoring fee is also applied to time triggered automations with a retry period of greater than 20 minutes. This does not applied to all time triggered automations created using Snowflake Composer UI which have a default retry window of 10 minutes.

Automatic Closure of Automation Jobs

All active automations will be automatically deleted if your Snowflake Fee Account balance falls below 0.002 SOL. For this reason, please be sure you keep a reasonable amount of SOL in your Fee Account balance in order to ensure that your automations continue to execute.

Changes to Fee

As stated, Snowflake's mission is to bring low cost and decentralised automations to every builders and users of Web3.

While we strive to keep fees as low as possible, Snowflake Foundation & DAO reserve the rights to adjust these fees in the future with the goal of creating a sustainable and spam proof network. If such fee changes take place, Snowflake Foundation will pre-announce these on Snowflake website and social channels.

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