Snowflake makes it possible for non-technical users to setup automations by using our building blocks - triggers and actions. Automation templates take this to the next level and allow users to create ready made automations within a few clicks.

When you click the New Automation button, Snowflake first asks you to select an automation template, like so.

You can choose to start from scratch or select one of the template from the library. Snowflake ships with a number of templates ranging from recurring payment, price triggered automation to dollar cost average, etc. We aim to expand the template set over time so you can do more and more right out of the box.

As soon as you select a template, Snowflake takes you to the automation editing page which the default triggers and actions automatically pre-filled for you, like so.

Hit save, approve the transaction and watch the automation in action.

As you can see, automation template can be super useful but that should not limit the types of automations you can imagine. We'd love to see the various ways you could compose with Snowflake. If you've built something cool, we'd love to learn about those. Snowflake team would be happy to add useful automations to our template library so other users can benefit.

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