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Can I test Snowflake on Devnet?
Can I test Snowflake on Devnet?
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Yes, you can test Snowflake on Devnet at

However, note that Devnet doesn't have the same data as Mainnet so please follow a few tips below.

  • If you test recurring payments, use USDC (Snowflake) , WSOL or STEP tokens. Many other tokens aren't valid mint in Devnet.

    You can get airdrop of USDC (Snowflake Devnet) via Settings > Your Wallet > Airdrop USDC

  • Contracts like Orca & Saber support a very small number of assets/pools on Devnet and you might need to obtain Devnet versions of these tokens in order to test the integrations.

  • If you want to test automations without having to obtain Devnet tokens, you can try the Sample time triggered automation or Sample program triggered automation.

  • Price trigger automations using Pyth oracle should have similar price to Mainnet.

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