There is much automation on the platform involved in the uses of SPL token besides Solana native token. For example, Recurring payment or DCA swap on Orca. In that way, every token is used on the platform must be authorized by the user. These are so-called "Approving token allowances". To authorize the number of SPL tokens that the Snowflake app can have an allowance to use, go to the Settings tab:

Snowflake Composer app - Settings tab

Scroll down to the "Your Wallet" section, there will be a button called "Authorize". Click on that button and there will be a modal popped up for you to authorize a specific SPL token.

Below is the "Your wallet" section where you can view your list of token balances and manage the token authorization. After authorizing the token, you will see the Authorized Amount of that token in the Your Wallet section.

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