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Using the CLI to manage fee account
Using the CLI to manage fee account
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Usage: snowflake account [options] [command] 

Manage wallet account

-h, --help display help for command

pda [publicKey] Get user account information
deposit [amount] Deposit to user fee account
help [command] display help for command

Fee account is a PDA (Program Derived Address) account used for paying transactions and rent fees of the flows. The fee account is found with the seed as the flow owner public key. The CLI also has a feature to view and deposit fees from the wallet to the fee account. Using the snowflake config get command to retrieve the fee account, you must set up the CLI configuration in the right way to see it.

$ snowflake config get 

On the other hand, to retrieve the fee account of any address, use the below command. This will return the fee account and the balance of that fee account.

$ snowflake account pda <WALLET_ADDRESS>  

There is also an option to deposit funds to the fee account without transferring the SOL manually to the fee account address. Using the command snowflake account deposit with the provided amount (unit: lamports).

$ snowflake account deposit <LAMPORTS>
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