There are required configurations that you must fulfill.

$ snowflake config set --help
Usage: snowflake config set [options]Set Snowflake CLI configurationOptions:
--url <RPC_URL> Set URL to Solana RPC endpoint
--keypair <PATH_TO_KEYPAIR> Set path to keypair
-h, --help display help for command

To use commands interacting with Solana on-chain cron jobs, Snowflake CLI requires the RPC endpoint configuration. To set the URL to the Solana cluster endpoint, use the below command

$ snowflake config set --url <RPC_URL>

Replace the text <RPC_URL> with your path to the Solana RPC endpoint or your local testnet (Note: makes sure the Snowflake program is installed on your testnet). To save your development time, use our default variables

$ snowflake config set --url mainnet-beta
RPC URL set to

The second required configuration that Snowflake CLI asks you to provide is the path to your wallet keypair. If you’re familiar with Solana CLI, you can type the below command on your terminal to retrieve the keypair path

$ solana config get
Config File: /Users/.config/solana/cli/config.yml
WebSocket URL: wss:// (computed)
Keypair Path: /Users/snowflake-keypair.json
Commitment: confirmed

After identifying the path to the wallet keypair, run the configuration command of Snowflake CLI to set your keypair path.

$ snowflake config set --keypair /Users/snowflake-keypair.json
Keypair set to /Users/snowflake-keypair.json

To view your configuration, use the below command

$ snowflake config get
│ (index) │ Values │
│ RPC URL │ '' │
│ Keypair path │ '/Users/snowflake-keypair.json' │
│ Wallet address │ 'BxUeMg5etjmiDX25gbGi2pn1MyzkcQx3ZCCiUifTUhyj' │
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