Snowflake SDK is open-sourced and public on Github now. Discover and contribute to the SDK:


Install Snowflake SDK for your web3 project.

npm i @snowflake-so/snowflake-sdk

Setting up the SDK configuration

Configure environment variables

Set these environment variables in .env of your project directory.


Replace the <PATH_TO_KEYPAIR> with the keypair stored on your local machine and <SOLANA_RPC_URL> with the endpoint to the Solana RPC cluster.

Initialize Snowflake

If you don't want to use environment variables, you can follow this approach. To create a new Snowflake service, we would need to initialize with the Provider.

let provider: Provider = Provider.local(API_URL);

The API_URL is the endpoint to the Solana cluster. Empty API_URL is pointed to the local testnet

  • Mainnet Beta:

  • Testnet:

  • Devnet:

let snowflake: Snowflake = new Snowflake(provider);

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