This article provides an overview of the features available on your Safe.

The Safe’s landing page is the central dashboard which lists all your assets and tokens.

Through the Transactions Panel, you’re able to easily view a list of transactions In Queue, In Execution and Historical Transactions. Queued transactions are those which have not been approved or the Execution hasn’t been triggered from a Safe owner. In Execution are scheduled transactions have yet to be completed (think scheduled recurring payments, token vesting etc.). History is a historical list of all transactions that have been undertaken from the Multisig.

Any transaction from the safe requires approval from the relevant number of parties. The transaction approval screen shows who approved a transaction, when the transaction was approved and how many more approvals are required before the transaction can be successfully executed.

Through the Snowflake App Store, you’re able to view a list of other Solana Apps you can interact with directly from your Snowflake Safe Treasury. This include swapping tokens with Orca, payroll, token vesting, custom transactions, automation with Pyth, lending through Solend, scheduling any future Solana transaction and many more operations.

We also have an Address Book for teams to easily save contacts, so you don’t accidentally press the wrong wallet address when sending tokens to your regular contacts.

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