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Setup Recurring Payment from your Safe
Setup Recurring Payment from your Safe
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You can schedule payroll, recurring payments and future payments from Snowflake Safe.

From your Safe left navigation bar, click on "New Transaction" and select "Recurring Payment"

Once you are in the New Transaction page, in the Trigger Section, there are different options to schedule your payment.

  • To schedule a payment, the Trigger Type should be "Time".

  • For one off payment in the future, the recurring option should be "No". Then there will be an option to select the time when you would like the transaction to be triggered.

  • In case of recurring payments, the recurring option should be "Yes", Then, there will be options to set the repeat schedule (for example: every week on Thursday or every 3rd day of the Month). And you can also set the number or repeats. For example in the screenshot below, the recurring payment was set to run every day at 10AM, and it will run for 10 times then stop.

Once the recurring payment is set and it got approvals from required Safe Owners, you can start scheduling the payment.

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