From the Safe's left menu bar, you can click on the SETTINGS to configure your safe.

Modify Safe Name

If you have several safes, it's good to identify them by names. You can give your safe and any name and change it anytime. The safe name is not stored on the blockchain. It is only stored in your local browser and no one outside can see it.


You use this section to add or remove Owners to and from your Safe. When you add or remove an Owner, the system will create a new Proposal. The Proposal will only be ready for Execution when it has enough Owners approvals as specified by the Safe Policy.


The Safe Policy specify the number of required approvals before any Proposal can be executed.

You may want to set the number of required approvals less than number of Safe Owners. For example, if your Safe has 3 Owners, you can set the Policy to be "Any transaction requires the confirmation of 2 out of 3 owners). In this case, if 1 owner lost the key, the other 2 owners can still have control of the safe.

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